This web-player is a test of an Inventory system.

This is a work in progress.

UPDATED 10-06-15

Press "I" to toggle the Inventory.

Click on a chest to "loot" it.

Click on an icon in the Loot Panel to put it in Inventory.

Click on an icon in the Inventory Panel to Equip it.

Right Click* on an icon in the Inventory Panel to destroy that item.

Click on an icon in the Character Panel to Un-equip it.

The system senses distance from Lootable Object to Player Object and will close the appropriate panels when the Player moves too far away (not visible here with a static camera).

To reset this test, press the button labeled "reset".

(*if you are not in Safari with OSX10.6. FireFox also has trouble with the middle click. These seem to be know Unity Web Player bugs...)

(Some Textures and Icons in this project are not licensed for distribution and are for testing purposes only)

version 1.1.0