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Re: Umbilical Cord, Shield, & Colors

Postby Adam » 01 May 2010, 22:15


Currently I'm working improving the controls with a virtual joystick and LAN networking for both Tiny Arcade on the iPhone and Space Duel on the iPad. The LAN networking is primarily for the iPhone, which really needs, as much as I hate to admit it, a two player / two device option, but I will include networking on the iPad as well.

The iPad will also get 1 & 2 player Survival, and Survival on the iPhone will be upgraded to include 2 players. I loved the tether, and have it on the drawing board to add as an option to Survival, which is a cooperative 2 player game.

Shields are also an option, but they may be limited to the iPad release. They were omitted from Tiny Arcade originally due to the lack of screen real estate. The shield button ended up too close to the fire button to be fun and safe, and it was hard to place a power bar anywhere meaningful. That being said, with the new v-joystick, I may have reclaimed some screen space back that was used by the virtual dPad, so they may come back in all version.

Right now I've got my head buried in the networking issues, but stay tuned for improvements on the current games and additional games as well.

Colors are probably not going to make it into any of the Tiny Arcade titles, but we have discussed starting a Tiny Arcade 2 that would include color games, but it's only shop talk as I don't want to take away from the current games right now.

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