Needs authentic controls!

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Re: Needs authentic controls!

Postby Adam » 19 Apr 2010, 23:01

Tom! I really really wish I could!

I am experimenting with a virtual joystick over the virtual direction pad, as I think it might make a better analogy.

The problem I am running into is that the iPhone OS can only handle 5 touches at any one time. It is said that (presumably) the original authors of the iPhone OS only imagined the iPhone in one hand and couldn't imagine more than the 5 fingers from the other touching the screen at any one point. This means with a common button setup of thrust, left, right, and fire - if both players were thrusting AND turning AND firing, one player would be short one touch phase and wouldn't be able to do one action. Usually firing their weapon. Our play-testing showed that this was possible to exploit. One player could put fingers on all of their buttons, leaving the other player without enough touches to fight. Honestly if both players adopt the same tactic, you end up fighting for that 5th touch, but it's still a problem we are trying to work around.

If our experiments in the joystick don't work out, we plan to put buttons into the interface and have an option for buttons or v-dpad, (Or heck, maybe all three...), but I need to play-test it.

This is all part and parcel with brining out Survival for the iPad, as both a 1 & 2 player games, which should go to Apple™ soon, and then we are at their mercy for approval.

More to come, and we really appreciate the comments. I'll post more here when things are close.

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