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Re: Next? :))

Posted: 09 May 2011, 10:51
by Adam
Some answers:

(1&3) I do plan to add money to this package. I do plan to add vendors/shops to this package. Money and Vendors are in my next-step plans. Questing, as it's a complete package, will probably be after I work the kinks out of this system (as you note in your other post) and get Money and Vendors up and running. I will probably also try to get the EZGui base system up to the Money and Vendor Level before I get Questing up and running.

(2) Database support, especially mySQL support (as opposed to edit-time parsing) will not be in my next step, as I need to study up on the subject.

(4) Let me have a think about locking the code to prevent open looting. It should be easy to do. A method that takes a player ID of some sort and then only allows looting for that player ID. It could get more complicated if you want to get into party looting, where one needs a party ID, or "round robin" looting, where you'd need a pool of player ID's and then have the pool controller set the player ID... Maybe the looting method is the same: function LockLoot (lootableID : LootableID) { lockID = lootableID; } and then have something just check for lootableID function Loot (lootableID) { if (lootableID != lockID) return; ... ... }, and then have your game control assigning the lootableID value to the players....

How would you want to drive it? How complex do you need it to be?

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Re: Next? :))

Posted: 11 May 2011, 00:41
by Adam
Yes... My experience with networking code is limited. I've only networked a few simple games. Currently looting the chest, if it has not yet had a loot list created, creates a new loot list. This is done only once for the entire duration of the game. If the chest is instantiated in every player's game world and every chest is looted, then yes, I suppose you'd have a new loot list for each player.

How is your game controlled? Do you have a master server sending data to your game world? I'm trying to imagine how best to keep some of this code as master game world code, and other bits as player code... Maybe it should all be master game world code...

Re: Next? :))

Posted: 12 May 2011, 09:37
by Adam
Well, the lock call should come from the dead npc which knows who should loot it, thru the server and it will have to be propagated thru to all of the lootable object scripts so only the object in the opener's instance responds to an attempt to loot it.