Purchasing eDS from eSellerate breaks updates (fixed)

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Purchasing eDS from eSellerate breaks updates (fixed)

Postby Adam » 16 May 2011, 09:18

Purchasing eDS from eSellerate breaks downloading code updates from eSellerate.

Providing the eDS service is a requirement and part of the terms and conditions of selling through eSellerate. It is, however, designed to work with executable applications that "check for updates" when launched, not code-only sales. Purchasing eDS saves a cache file of the original purchase. However, when selling code alone, the eDS service prevents easy downloading of new code packages and delivers the original cached file instead. I have arranged with eSellerate to stop offering eDS on all new purchases and to remove eDS from the accounts of anyone who has purchased eDS and to refund the cost of eDS to anyone who has purchased eDS. I have initiated a return process for all sales receipts that included eDS. There should be no required action on the part of someone who purchased eDS. If you have not purchased eDS, you can safely ignore this topic.

If you believe you have purchased eDS from eSellerate, and have not seen a refund for this purchase, please contact me with the following information from your receipt: Name, Address, Activation Code and Order Number.

From now on - for all customers - downloading code updates should be possible by following these instructions:

"If you have previously purchased a license, you can download the very latest version via After-Purchase Services, at http://store.esellerate.net/support. Please log on using your e-mail address and your original order ID (found in your receipt and in your Order Confirmation e-mail message), and then click there here link in the Re-download section after logging on. This will display your original receipt, complete with a DOWNLOAD NOW button you can use to download the latest version of the product."

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