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Re: Problem Using Package

Postby Adam » 28 Feb 2012, 13:32

To be honest, I'm unclear what the exact problem is that you are having.

GUISkins are part of the basic Unity GUI. ... ISkin.html ... ISkin.html

When it comes to the spaces... Can you tell me more about what system you are using? Mac/Windows? What localization? I have not seen anyone with an error due to spaces with this package.

As you have requested, I'd be happy to send you a repaired package, but I can't find what's broken. I will need more information to track down why your version is not working. Have you tried re-downloading the package to make sure there is no corruption in the download?

I have now twice, imported both the basic and the full package into Unity 3.4 and 3.5 and I can get it to work as expected.

3.5 does generate some warnings re: depreciated methods for using prefabs, but these can be ignored for now until I update the package. I was hoping for a new UI from UT in 3.5, so I could update the package to the new UI as well, but that doesn't seem to be something coming soon.

3.5 is also aggressive about using spaces now, and will warn against assets with leading spaces in the name. As " ReadMe" and " Scenes" are directories, they should not fail to execute, but they will generate a yellow warning. Simply rename these to "Scenes" and "ReadMe" or "_Scenes" and "_ReadMe" to remove these warnings, but this will not prevent the system from working.

I have followed the steps all the way thru on the readme and I have a working system.

Unfortunately no one else has reported this as a problem, so this must be something with either your computer set up or the way you are setting up the syste.

Could you have missed a step in the readme?

Do this:

Let me know what system you are on - all the details.

If you want, hand fix the two directories with spaces.

Follow each step using the "full" package, as they have all the assets you need. If you don't understand a step, do it anyway or ask me specifically how to get past that one step.

And we'll track down where you're falling off the path.

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